The Redemption of Time

by Baoshu

The author's preface captures what I imagine is the pervasive sentiment shared by readers of The Rememberance of Earth's Past original trilogy. The story's universe is so immersive, the detailed inspection of the mechanics therein are so compelling, that when the books came to a conclusion there is a feeling of loss. This feeling is not uncommon for immersive novels; what is uncommon is that a fan, so stricken by this loss, sits down and rips out a sequel novel in a few weeks - a novel so aligned with the voice and style as Cixin Liu (if not more juvenile in a few areas) that it is blessed by the publisher and author, making the series a ~~trilogy~~ tetralogy. I hesitate to say it, but I may have enjoyed this book as much or more than any of the original ones. This new author was able to convincingly explain plot holes from the original trilogy and complete complex story arcs that literally bend understanding of space and time. 5 bags of cosmic popcorn out of 5.

Compiled 2024-04-21