The Knight & The Wizard

last updated 2018-11-22

by Gene Wolfe

This series was recommended to me by one of my best pals, Quinault, so I had to pick it up. There is something so bizarre about these books, something that made them foggy -- incoherent at times -- and made me half-expect for the protagonist to wake up with a gasp for air realizing that the whole fantasy plot was a dream. We follow a kid who wanders away from his brother and into a messy fantasy world where he lives the rest of his life becoming a knight. It twists cliché into creativity -- more creative than any fantasy book I've read recently. When I finished, I was completely perplexed. There's constant subtext and references, making it challenging, rewarding, and likely for 50% of readers to absolutely hate it.

Compiled 2024-04-21