Raddishes and sugar peas from seed making great progress; 2021-04-25
🖌 mmx 2021-04-22
This site is called mmx
🖌 @carbonfreegrid 2021-04-11
A Twitter bot that tweets daily statistics about the previous day's U.S. energy production
🖌 Garden 2021-04-03
Growing food and getting dirty with my 4 raised beds and basement
🖌 gamedev 2021-03-28
Experiments in game design and development
🖌 Upstream Tech 2021-02-11
A public benefit corporation founded in 2016
🖌 2021-01-23
An act of mundanity? A cry for help? A scheduling program
🖌 2020-10-12
A (briefly) successful attempt to create a micro social network for a few dozen friends
🖌 Plotter 2020-06-01
Various experiments in generative art and creating code, actualized by a pen plotter
🖌 MAMAS Needs & Offers 2020-04-01
A website that listed "needs" and "offers" for mutual aid in Somerville and Medford
🖌 Future.Phone 2014-03-01
Leave yourself a voicemail to be redelivered far in the future
🖌 Into the Static 2014-02-12
Internet videos on a real time, thematic shuffle
🖌 Latitune 2012-11-01
Drop songs in places for others to pick up
🖌 Snappi 2011-08-12
Share screenshots and files
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