Short songs released under the name "mrshll"

last updated 2021-07-04

supermoons was created in 2021, entirely on the OP-Z performed live for recording.

During was an album created during 2020, primarily created on the OP-Z, which my coworker Kevin sent me after showing me its magic.

Pre was created between the years 2013 and 2019 entirely in iPad with the app Korg Gadget along with bluetooth midi peripherals.

Before, I DJ'd on the radio on WMFO and WRVU in Boston and Nashville respectively, and played records around the Boston area under different names.

My face in front of a setup on top of the library roof One of my most memorable nights was playing atop the Library's roof at Tufts

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I am a technologist and entreprenuer currently running a climate and conservation company, {Upstream Tech}. I also make {short songs}, {grow living things}, and have a number of technical and non-technical {projects}, hobbies and interests.