visualization inspiration

From: Adel Faure ⏚: "Design and rendering of roads …" - Mastodon.ART

GitHub - gosling-lang/gos: A declarative library for Python designed to create interactive multi-scale visualizations of genomics and epigenomics data.

GitHub - hms-dbmi/viv: Library for multiscale visualization of high-resolution multiplexed bioimaging data on the web. Directly renders Zarr and OME-TIFF.


Boston Clear Sky Chart

Windy: Wind map & weather forecast

From: Zoom Earth: "Hurricane Lidia is forecast to…" - Mapstodon

Data source

Tufte Weather In Matplotlib — DUTC

The Weather Year Round Anywhere on Earth - Weather Spark


From Tufte books:

Basic Time Series Plots in Vega-Lite / Jon E. Froehlich | Observable

Compiled 2024-04-21