The Middlesex Fells

The Fells is a couple thousand acre reservation in Malden, Medford, Melrose, Stoneham and Winchester, MA. It is one of the country's first conservation reservations, first managed as a state park.

There may be a more broadly accepted dissection of the regions of the Fells, but I think of them in 5 parts: + The West Fells, where Winchester's reservoirs are located and more importantly the Skyline Trail (and many others) + The East Fells, with the Fells Reservoir and the incredible Rock Circuit Trail + The Center Fells, including Medford's Wright's Pond up to Spot Pond, separated from the East and West by Fellsway West and Woodland Rd + The Northeast Fells, where Virginia Woods is located, north of the Spot Pond Brook. + The Southwest Fells, abutting Medford Highschool, separated from the West Fells by S Border Rd.

Compiled 2023-3-5