The Middlesex Fells

last updated 2021-04-10

The Fells is a couple thousand acre reservation in Malden, Medford, Melrose, Stoneham and Winchester, MA. It is one of the country's first conservation reservations, first managed as a state park.

There may be a more broadly accepted dissection of the regions of the Fells, but I think of them in 5 parts:

  1. The West Fells, where Winchester's reservoirs are located and more importantly the Skyline Trail (and many others)
  2. The East Fells, with the Fells Reservoir and the incredible Rock Circuit Trail
  3. The Center Fells, including Medford's Wright's Pond up to Spot Pond, separated from the East and West by Fellsway West and Woodland Rd
  4. The Northeast Fells, where Virginia Woods is located, north of the Spot Pond Brook.
  5. The Southwest Fells, abutting Medford Highschool, separated from the West Fells by S Border Rd.

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I make {short songs}, am {learning to grow living things}, run a climate and conservation company {Upstream Tech}, and have a number of technical and non-technical {projects}, hobbies and interests. I used to be a strong rock climbing -- you could find me in the local rock gym on most days; these days you can find me in {the Middlesex Fells} running on the trails.


2 years ago, Alejandra and I moved to Medford near the {The Fells}. When we did, I started mostly running on trails. Trail running is unique in that you're often going over complex or difficult terrain, which forces adjustments of pace and form and work a wider range of muscles and stabilizers than road running. I realized pain I'd get at higher mileages wasn't happening - even though it felt like I was jumping over rocks and sprinting down twisty paths. I attribute that to this frequent modulation of pace and stride.