An annual entry in the day-before-marathon-monday marathons.

last updated 2021-04-18

A pseudo-tradition marathon the sunday before the real marathon. In 2021 it was run on Sunday 4/18 starting at my house in Medford and traveling South through Everett until Boston's Belle Isle Marsh Reservation and continuing to Revere Beach, where I turned North until the neck of Nahant. From there, I found the Northern Strand bike path and took it westward home through Lynn, Saugus, Malden and Medford.

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Trail running also introduced me to the world of ultramarathoning, which has exploded in popularity over the last decade. I found filmmaker Jamil Coury chronicling immense runs and checking in dozens of miles in, the air thin at high elevation, {^with an ear-to-ear smile describing how it had just started hailing and that it was so awesome man}. This relentlessly positive attitude towards daunting physical challenges was infectious. It inspired me to turn runs into backyard adventures - runs {up the coastline to nearby towns}, {solo marathons through new neighborhoods}, and exploration of new trails in the forest. And while I've done a couple of organized races like the Fells Winter Ultra, I most enjoy solitary challenges.