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🧭 Music 2021-07-04
Short songs released under the name "mrshll"
🧭 mmx 2021-06-24
This site is called mmx
🧭 Garden 2021-04-03
Growing food and getting dirty with my 4 raised beds and basement
🧭 Upstream Tech 2021-02-11
A public benefit corporation founded in 2016
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I am a technologist and entreprenuer currently running a climate and conservation company, {Upstream Tech}. I also make {short songs}, {grow living things}, and have a number of technical and non-technical {projects}, hobbies and interests.


I am opinionated about my tools, but I oscillate wildly between upcycled stand-ins and high quality last-forevers. In general the goal is to have fewer "items," to avoid the but new hobbies and projects often come with their accoutrements. And I am a person who has a lot of {projects}.

5-year gestalt 

A lot of the daydreaming I've mentioned is meditation on what aspects of my work (both "real work" and my hobbies and {projects}) are most engaging and what about those aspects keep me creatively energized.