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a seedling tray
a seedling tray

There are a number of commercial starter tray/pot options. I first got a few dozen pressed-peat starters. I am inclined to just use household materials and recyclables to make as many as I can. There are methods to make plant pots out of newspaper.

Update: I've started using some of the 72-cell trays and I have to say, I am getting really good results. They were $5 each and seem reausable if handled gently. I think I can turn out 200 seedlings every few weeks, which is way more than I'll have room for. It felt silly buying plastic when there's so much plastic waste that can be reused, but the form factor just works super well with the self-watering tray and condensation cover.

I've found that the compost I ordered in bulk is too dense and rough to start seeds - they've done far better in a loose and soft soil.

Compiled 2023-3-5