Tracking running, climbing and other movement

DateActivityDuration (min)Notes
2021-09-23Run120Road; Run to Jessie/Joma and back - powered by the Harvest Moon
2021-09-22Run90Road; Run through Everett and back through Medford - coffee with Fiona halfway
2021-09-17Bike90To Cambridge and back, tres sweaty
2021-09-13Climb90Power endurance-ish gym session, did most V1-4s with little rest
2021-09-11Run145Road run, the Tri-city Community pathway to mystic lake loop; about 15 miles I'd guess
2021-09-09Run90Trail run with Tom Wang, nice and easy conversational pace up and around rock circuit in the east fells
2021-09-06Run45Road run; felt pretty slow and sore from the previous day, but kept a good pace through Medford
2021-09-05Run90Road + trail; rock circuit from start to flynn rink
2021-09-04Tennis90Versus Russ!
2021-09-02Climb45Quick one
2021-08-31Run60Trail; fast pace on the East Fells rock circuit back-half loop; felt awesome
2021-08-29Climb45Haven't been in a while so kept it super easy. Just did all the V1s and V2s, up and downclimb without rest
2021-08-29Run45Run to rock gym; slow pace, felt tired from yesterday
2021-08-28Run100Met up with Dan - 3.5 miles to him, 6 miles together, 3.5 miles home; comfortable pace along the Minuteman and Mystic
2021-08-23Run30road; slow
2021-08-21Run60trail; moderate
2021-08-22Run40road; slow
2021-08-20Kayak240sea kayak along the maine coast, easy paddling
2021-08-17Run30road; moderate in Phippsberg; hunted by mosquitoes
2021-08-14Run30road; fast though Portland ME around the west side
2021-08-13Bodyweight10 sets of 10 pushups, 10 squats
2021-08-10Run40road; with Jay, Dax, and Mochi along the Alewife Brook boardwalk and around the upper mystic river
2021-08-08Run120road; to Stoneham and back through Winchester on the Tri-City path, hot and humid yow; some parts super quick, others more struggle
2021-07-28Run90trail; moderate pace reverse cross fells from hemlock pool path to victory park
2021-07-26Bodyweight20plate circuit
2021-07-21Run60trail; moderate
2021-07-19Run21road; Easy with Alej and Dax
2021-07-17Run70trail; Blue start > Flynn; felt great
2021-07-13Run45road; fast, Ran Falmouth to Woodshole and back on the bike path.
2021-07-11Run70trail; Flynn Rink > Cross Fells > Skyline > Bellevue Pond at a pretty good pace; knee feeling better
2021-07-06Climb90bouldering with Alex G. at CRG Cambridge; fun time, but kept it light; knee bothering me still so going to take a few days off of running/climbing
2021-07-04Run90road; moderate pace around Melrose, left knee hurts :( maybe from tennis or prev shoes?
2021-07-03Climb60bouldering; another v6
2021-07-01Climb90bouldering; fifth time in 18 months and got a v6 -- not bad
2021-07-01Run25trail; easy pace, with Alej and Dax
2021-06-29Run35road; easy pace, in a new pair of Hokas that need to be broken in
2021-06-28Tennis120Avec Russ; hot hot hot day
2021-06-27Bike120road ride to beach; easy pace
2021-06-26Run50road; moderate pace

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