Alejandra in Hopkinton Alejandra in Hopkinton; 2022-07-31
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I live in Medford, MA with {Alejandra} and our {pup}.

5-year gestalt 

I'm started to write this page on my 30th birthday, and am returning and revising it now on the last day of 2022. I don't think much of new years or birthdays, least of all my own. But lately, I've found myself daydreaming about the future. Maybe in part due to this feeling of emergence from the pandemic's isolation, or maybe it's something that happens to everyone at the three decade mark? Either way, my younger brother Malcolm asked me "Do you have any tips or examples for making a 5-year plan?" to which I replied "A 5 year plan of what? Business?" He was in pursuit of a 5-year personal plan, and aside from 5-year spreadsheet proformas for work, an exercise I endure with a grimace, my life has been light on "plan." But this moment (this one right *snap* now) does provide a fertile opportunity for introspection. I plan to share my findings with {Alejandra}, my brother, and some close friends to compare notes.


2 years ago, {Alejandra} and I moved to Medford near the {The Fells}. When we did, I started mostly running on trails. Trail running is unique in that you're often going over complex or difficult terrain, which forces adjustments of pace and form and work a wider range of muscles and stabilizers than road running. I realized pain I'd get at higher mileages wasn't happening - even though it felt like I was jumping over rocks and sprinting down twisty paths. I attribute that to this frequent modulation of pace and stride.