Thank you for visiting my site, {mmx}. This started as a blank canvas for my digital identity, and has evolved into a place to log ephemera, share my projects, conduct fun experiments, and write.

I make {short songs}, am {learning to grow living things}, run a climate and conservation company {Upstream Tech}, and have a number of technical and non-technical {projects}, hobbies and interests. I used to be a strong rock climbing -- you could find me in the local rock gym on most days; these days you can find me in {the Middlesex Fells} running on the trails.

This site is called {mmx}. It is my place to write, research, share ideas and keep notes.

I live in Medford, MA with Alejandra and our {pup}.

Last {compiled} 2022-08-10 5:29PM EDT

Continuing to explore and evolve this site, {mmx}
Garden 2022
Growing the {Upstream Tech} team in 2022
Starting The Mountain Goat in Western MA with my brother
Email: m@mrshll.com
Fediverse: {^@mrshll}
Twitter: {^@marsh}
10-day energy status
247 kWh produced ⚡
377 kWh consumed 🔌
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